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Discovery Montessori (1-6Y), Discovery Bay & Central

Discovery Montessori (1-6Y), Discovery Bay & Central

Discovery Montessori schools in Discovery Bay and Central are such an exciting experience for everyone and we welcome you with open arms to our Discovery and Central Montessori International Preschools!

We at DMS are very clear on our objectives for your child at school.

We will support your child in developing:

  • academic excellence
  • a positive image
  • independence & creativity
  • self-discipline
  • moral development
  • support children in “learning how to learn”

Children require developmentally appropriate experiences to maximize the benefit of instruction and they must actively participate in learning experiences.

This is the method of teaching in a Montessori educational environment.

Our location in Discovery Bay provides us with benefits both educationally and recreationally. The layout of our new facility is designed to incorporate the Montessori principles with regard to classroom furnishings and equipment and features 6 classrooms, a library, an indoor and outdoor play area.

DMS Central classrooms are inviting, prepared, spacious and bright environments that provide the perfect platform for child centered learning, using an effective practical, sensory, and visual approach to learning, all driven by a strong Montessori Curriculum.

At DMS we take great pride in observing the traditional Montessori method of teaching by implementing the pedagogy as outlined by the Association Montessori International (AMI founded by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1929).

We welcome admissions throughout the year unless our school is full. At that time parents may wish to place their child/children on our wait list.

We accept registration for the following ages without regard to race, creed, or colour:

  • Montessori Nursery Wobbler (12m – 18m)
  • Montessori Nursery Toddler (18m – 2.5 yrs)
  • Little Casa Class (2 yrs – 3.5 yrs)
  • Casa dei Bambini (3-6 yrs)

To learn more about our school, please contact our Administration Office to schedule a school tour.