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Discovery Montessori Academy (3-12Y)

Discovery Montessori Academy (3-12Y)

DMS (Discovery Bay & Central) Nursery and Kindergarten and Discovery Montessori Academy (Discovery Bay) Elementary offer a Montessori Method of Education immersed in a truly bilingual learning environment for children age 1-12years old. Discovery Montessori Academy is an IB Candidate School (No. 0523385), and is the first and only school in Hong Kong to offer a combined curriculum of Montessori Primary and Elementary (3-12Y) Education and the International Baccalaureate (IB) PYP.


At DMA we offer classes for 3 age groups.

  • Pre-Primary – Bilingual Class (English & Putonghua) (3 6 Years)
  • Lower Primary – Bilingual Class (English & Putonghua) (6 – 9 Years)
  • Upper Primary – Bilingual Class (English & Putonghua) (9 – 12 Years)


Discovery Bay’s FIRST Montessori International Primary School is located in a brand new building in Discovery Bay North. Our purpose built school has provided us with a great opportunity to specifically design all of the classroom, furnishings and equipment in alignment with the Montessori principles.

Having a purpose built school, DMA features the following facilities at campus:

  • Large & Bright Classrooms
  • A special designed Library
  • An Art Room
  • A Music room
  • An unique roof-top play area on 1/F
  • A Basketball Court
  • An Outdoor playground with climbing facilities
  • An outdoor area for biking
  • An outdoor Garden for planting

Prepared Environment – Classrooms

Dr. Maria Montessori was very focused on developing children’s senses – seeing, touching, feeling, hearing, moving… That is why we have specially designed cupboards and shelves that are easy for children to reach. All materials are carefully laid out in an orderly manner and children are encouraged to be considerate of others and return everything to its rightful place. Our classrooms are bright and sunny due to extra-high ceilings which provide a fresh, open, appealing environment for children and parents.  The scenic views of the surrounding outdoors provide a sense of calm.

Music Room

Children need stimulation of the body to stimulate the mind. This is why our school is equipped with a full range of musical instrument and a Classical Piano for Music class and creative movement exercises.

Art Room

Children need stimulation of the body to stimulate the mind.

An Organic Garden

DMA would try to utilize the natural environment and surroundings for both educational and recreational purposes. An Organic Garden is built to support children’s learning in nature.

Outdoor Play Areas for Gross Motor Development

There is a basketball Court, Badminton Court, a roof-top playground, and a big area for biking, Children can revitalize and move their bodies around after working hard on their tasks. We also have an outdoor playground with imported wooden Pirate Ship from Finland, many playground equipment at rooftop and rock climbing walls for children to allow daily opportunities to develop their gross motor skills.  All equipment satisfied the highest Child-play safety standard.

Library & Computer

Our students also enjoy a well equipped library with lots of children books and computers. A precursor to good writing is reading. One main focus of our school is to encourage a love of reading at an early age. Our library is fully stocked with children’s books, fiction and non-fiction, to encourage students and parents to read, borrow books and enjoy special story times together.  Maria Montessori believed that by listening and speaking, children will soon develop a systematic way of encoding and decoding letters. The more exposure children have to reading books, listening to conversations and stories, the sooner they will expand their vocabulary and reading capacity.

Each Primary classrooms are equipped with Computer and Apple ipads. Computers equipment are offered to support the learning in the integrated subjects and IB PYP units of inquiries. Children will enjoy engaging in units of inquiries an discussion in groups with their teacher on a regular basis.

To learn more about our school, please contact our Administration Office to schedule a school tour.