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Montessori Little Casa (2-3.5Y)

Montessori Little Casa (2-3.5Y)

Usually by the age of 2 years the child is ready to attend school by himself, to explore his surrounding under the teacher’s professional guidance and graduate to the Little Casa Class.  Children this age can work independently at their own pace and are emotionally more confident. They will be toilet-trained.
We build up their confidence in preparation for their foray into Casa dei Bambini class.
They will learn how to:
*  ease into new activities;
*  make decisions on what tasks they want to work on;
*  make new friends and socialize with peers and teachers;
*  take care of themselves;
*  explore through the senses
Phonics and early math concept are introduced and can be mastered through the use of Montessori tools. Art and crafts such as drawing, blocks, puzzles encourage aptitude for hand-eye coordination, aesthetics and problem solving. Oral Language is well-developed through many language activities and storytelling. Music and movement activities continue to foster group participation, language development and physical growth.