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School Life

During the Montessori school day, DMA students are invited to explore the universe and along, with this, there are certain freedoms guaranteed to the child in the Montessori classroom.

At DMA we provide a prepared Montessori environment with activities and materials that inspire the students to lead their own inquiries and drive the focus to delve deeper into what they are motivated to learn and explore to their full potential.

These freedoms, of course, must be balanced with responsibility. The students are prepared with the essential tools to assist them in the path of accountability and self-construction. Parents are welcome to visit our classroom environment so that students are able to confidently share the continuous learning activities that they have mastered.

An important aspect of school life is the many opportunities at DMA for the children and parents to engage outside of the classroom environment. Through various extracurricular activities, Celebrations of Learning, Montessori evenings, School and PTA events; school life at DMA is encouraging,  fun, motivating and inspiring and brings us together building friendship and school community connections across the whole school.

IB Celebration of Learning

Christmas Celebration & Performance 

Sports Day

Chinese New Year Celebration